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Read this carefully

To determine correctly the exact locking of Your IBM take a close look at the following article:

- If you see the following icon:

HDD unlock

there is a hard drive lock present on you laptop, not a BIOS one. In such cases You should be able to enter the BIOS of the machine and to remove the password prompt just replace the hard drive with a new one.

- But if the icon looks like this:

bios unlock

this is a positive mark that Your laptop is locked by a Power on Password or a Supervisor Password.

Unlocking services for IBM laptops

Removal of Supervisor password, Master Password, Power on Passwords, deactivation of TMP security, on IBM laptops, removing of CRC1 and CRC2 errors.

All current IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad models with the exception of the SL300, SL400, SL500 and G550 are supported.

Unlocking is possible even if TPM/TCPA/PC8394T/8356908 security has been enabled.

Service is avaliable only after supplying a legitimate prove of ownership!

In the following table are listed most of the common models supported for unlocking:

240 240X 370C 380Z 390 390E
560Z 570 600 600E
600X 760LD 770 Series 770E 770ED
770Z A20 A21 A22 m/p A30 A30P A31 A31P
G40 G41 L412 L512 L520
R30 R31 R32 R40
R400 R50 и R51 R50p R51e
R52 R60 R61 R61i R500
SL410 SL510 T20 T21 T22 T23 T30
T40 / p T41 / p T42 / p T400
T400s T410 T410s T420
T43 T43p T430 T500 T510
T520 T60 T60p T61 T61p TransNote
W500 X20 X21 X22
X23 X24 X30 X31
X40 X41 X41t X60 X60s
X60 Tablet X61 X61s X61t X100e X130e
X200 X200 T X201 Tablet X220
X300 X301 Z60 Z60 m
Z61 Z61 m Z61 T  

The price of the service varies according to the exact model, but is approximately 60 lv.

We also provide Bios unlocking services of other laptop models.


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