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Bios Flash
IBM unock
Printing without a chip

How long it will take?

In most cases the time needed for completing the service is from 2 to 3 working days.

Model and product number

Part number

If You are interested in our services, please provide the exact model and product number when making the inquiry.

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Removing BIOS Passwords

We are offering professional services related to removing Administrator and User BIOS passwords, forgotten or set by mistake.

Almost all brands and models are supported. The price is different for each model and varies from 50 to 140 lv. It is based on the complexity of the unlocking process and time needed for the operation.

Service is avaliable only after supplying a legitimate prove of ownership!


In order to use our services You have to send us the machine including the charger using Econt Express. All shipping chargers are customer responsibility.


For customer security each parcel is shipped via Econt Express with insurance and option for 15 min. test before making the payment. This will give You opportunity to check that the machine is in working condition and You have complete access to the machine BIOS.