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Type of FIX-es

U - FIX - Updatable Fix - there is no protection against Firmware updates - some printers are automatically applying firmware updates when they have internet connectivity.

NU - FIX -Non Updatable Fix - this fix has a protection against Firmware updates. If by any reason You need to apply firmware You have to put device in Forced mode/Service mode (some devices does not support such mode) or use a DEBUG cable.


In order to receive the fix You need to aconplish the following:

1. Send us the required information for making the fix via email:

2. Make a payment.

During the same working day You will receive via email a reply with the link to the fix and instructions how to apply it.


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You may see the list of all supported brands and models Here

What eaxctly is FIX and Why do I need it?

FIX is modified Firmware for Your printer, which give You opportunity to refill the toner cartridge without changing the chip. In fact, after applying it You can remove the chip from the cartridge and use the full amount of toner present into the cartridge.


Low refill price - You are paying only for the toner.

You are using 100% of the toner into the cartridge.

The procedure is cheap, easy to apply and practically eternal.


By applying the FIX You are loosing the guarantee. Which means that the manufacturer may refuse warranty service of the device. This also applies if You are using compatible toner cartridges.

If You don't follow the exact instructions provided with the fix or You are flashing the device with wrong version of Firmware may damage Your device completely.

What is needed if I want to order a FIX?

To generate a FIX we need the following:

  • Exact brand and model of the device
  • Firmware version of the device
  • Serial Numer of the device
  • CRUM numer - serial number of the chip's cartridge

Before sending an order please double check provided information or just scan both Configuration and Supply Status Reports. При наличие на несъответствия просто попитайте.